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SAM RFID Asset Tracking System

SAM RFID Asset Tracking:

RFID technology allows the use of radio waves eliminating the need for line of site of the tag which is needed for Barcode technology.  RFID tags can also read at a much greater distance and can also be read quicker than barcode tags.  RFID tags also assist in eliminating human error since an RFID tag will only read once where a barcode tag can be mistakenly read more than once during an inventory count.

SAM Systematic Asset Management utilizes either Barcode or RFID technology to tag items and track their movements.  SAM allows the user to customize the software.  This feature allows SAM to track any asset with a RFID tag.  SAM uses Passive UHF technology, eliminating the need for the RFID tag to use a battery for its life cycle.  SAM tracks can also track movements of assets using a portable RFID reader or with a stationary RFID Doorway Reader.  SAM is also programmed to assign asset(s) to designated personnel automatically using the RFID Doorway helping maintain "Chain of Custody" of the asset(s).

Benefit Features:

•   One Server Key with Unlimited Users
•   Easy installation and setup (Cloud based, Stand Alone or Client Server) (Cloud Base version resides on FedRamp Server)
•   Chain of Custody of who has touched or viewed assets
•   Audit and Find Missing Assets using portable Barcode/RFID Reader
•   Report Printing of Assets by Locations and Status
•   Security Settings allow you to Control Accessibility to Assets
•   Attaches Pictures of Asset to Database
•   Import/Export Feature
•   Retention/Inspection Reports
•   Allows Multiple Fields to be Searched Simultaneously
•   Identify Assets Location and Status
•   Request/Hold Item Feature

 SAM Barcode Asset Tracking:

SAM Bar Code Asset Tracking, Asset Tracking Management Software Systems keeps track of Assets and current locations, streamlines workflow, automates life-cycle management, facilitates compliance and reduces the cost of doing business.

SAM is a cost-effective SQL database 'Item Tracking' system that enables Customers to manage the location and status of any type of item or asset. The application provides complete life cycle management of all events related to all items while maintaining detailed chain-of-custody histories. The software includes a browser-based 'Search & Request' module for casual Users and a complete Application Interface for advanced Users. SAM is fully integrated with both bar code technologies, providing multiple options for easily requesting and tracking the location of items. Business rules are used to control life-cycle management. The software is fully customized for each Customer around their terminology and workflow patterns, including robust Workflow Queuing functionality.

Barcode Asset Tracking​​

  • Asset tracking functions include any or all of the following, with optional drop-down lists:     

                                 Asset Identification #

                                 Bar Code # assigned to the Asset

                                 Destination of Asset

                                 Status of Asset (by location)

                                 'Reason' the Asset is being transferred (to enforce compliance)

  • Asset transfers are automatically logged to Requestor/Destination without User effort
  • Tracking screen enables data entry or bar code scanning to transfer a single asset
  • Tracking screen enables batches of Asset to be transferred using barcodes
  • Entering or scanning Asset ID # 'echoes back' and displays text field descriptions of Asset(s)
  • Search for Asset(s) to select Destination from drop-down list Type your paragraph here.